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    Director of Mega Marketing LLC
    Дата: 27.12.2018 | Serice: Translations

    Mega Marketing LLC is engaged in marketing and advertising not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in foreign ones. Our client needed a website translation into English for participation in the exhibition in the United States. We have carefully selected the companies providing translation services and made our choice in favor of BB System Ltd. Both we and our client were satisfied with the quality, speed and thoughtful attitude of the translator to the project. The dictionary of technical terms available to the client was successfully used and expanded. The price suited both parties, as the option of payment for the product card, not for the number of characters was chosen.

    We will definitely contact BB System Ltd. on further translations. It's great to deal with reliable partners.


    Дата: 27.12.2018 | Serice: Translations

    In my advocacy work, I need translations of the constituent documents of companies into English more often nowadays and vice versa translations of business documents such as contracts or agreements. BB System Ltd performs translations very quickly and competently. I highly appreciate their recommendations on inter-lingual and cross-cultural aspects of doing business. I am a regular customer of BB System Ltd.

    I plan to contact the company in the nearest future to fill in a visa application form and obtain a visa to the UK for my business trip.

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